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Sat, March 28
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107 Luthiers listed:
     David Bice - United States,

     Hammond Ashley - United States,

     Quintus Stringed Instruments - United States,

  Founding Member:
     Marquis Violins - United States,
  A Full Service Violin Shop

  Sustaining Member:
     Ernest Nussbaum - United States,
  Practice/travel cellos & violins - compact, quiet

  Supporting Member:
     Jonathan S. Franke - United States,
  Oregon Cello Maker

     StringWorks - United States,

  Free Member:
      - United States,

      Frirsz Master violin makers - United States,
  Fifth generation violin maker.

     A String Instrument Repair - United States,

     Aitchison & Mnatzaganian - United Kingdom,
  Cello Specialists

     Alberto Vicente - Brazil,

     Aldo Sopo - Italy,

     Aldo Sopò Santini - Italy,
  Maker and skilful restorer of fine instruments.

     Andreas Hampel - Germany,
  maker of fine instruments

     Antoni Jassogne - Belgium,

     Antonio Capela - Portugal,

     Antonio Rizzo - United States,
  Award winning handcrafted fine quality instruments

     Antonio Violins - United States,
  Fine handmade instruments at affordable prices.

     Arturo Virgoletti - Italy,
  Arturo Virgoletti Lute Maker in Canossa

     BACH.Bogen - France,
  Curved Bows for Violin, Viola and Cello


     Borman Violins - United States,
  Make of fine violins, violas, and violincelli

     Brian Lisus - South Africa,

     Brian Newman - United States,
  Dealer, Maker & Restorer

     Caryl Blomkamp - South Africa,
  Violins, Cellos, Violas

     Casa del Sol Violins - United States,

     Charles Rufino - United States,
  Handmade Concert Instruments

     Claude Lebet - Italy,
  Claude Lebet Violin Maker in Rome

     Claudio Venegas Marin - Chile,
  Reparación, restauración y construcción

     clifford roberts - United States,

     Clive Morris - United Kingdom,

     Dalton Potter - United States,

     Daniel H. Adams - United States,

     David Burgess - United States,

     David Gouthro - Sweden,

     Davis, Gary J - United States,
  Full Cello Services and Cello Maker in Boston area

     Edward Gaut Violins - United Kingdom,
  Maker of proffessional instruments

     Ernest Nussbaum - United States,

     F. Phelps Ltd - United Kingdom,

     Fernando Solar - Spain,
  Luthier to the old style

     Filippo Fasser - Italy,
  Maker of concert violins, violas and cellos

     Finnigan Klaembt - Germany,
  Makers of concert violins, violas and cellos

     Frank J. Saam - United States,
  maker restorer and sales of stringe instruments

     Fritz Reuter & Sons, Inc - United States,
  Repairs, restorations, appraisals, consulting

     Gary J Davis - United States,
  Full Cello Services and Cello Maker in Boston area

     GDJ Exports - India,
  Ebony Violin Group Accessories

     Guy Harrison - Canada,

     Hammond Ashley Violins - San Diego - United States,
  Full service Violin family workshop

     Hammond Ashley Violins - Seattle - United States,
  Full service Violin family workshop

     Hans Weisshaar Musical Instruments Inc. - United States,

     Hermanas Sole, Barcelona Luthier & Arqueter - Spain,

     HERNAN DAVILA H. - Chile,
  Maker and Restorer

     Hernán Dávila Hernández - Chile,
  Fina Luthería en Chile

     Ivan Kaloferov - Bulgaria,

     Ivan Labussiere - Brazil,
  Super violins, violas, cello and arches

     Ivan or Andre from Atelier Musikantiga - Brazil,

     James N. McKean - United States,

     Jean-Claude Lagarde - COSI instruments - France,
  COSI Cellos, based on carbon fibers

     Jesse Pherson - United States,
  St. Louis Metro Area Cello Maker

     Jitesh Jain - India,

     John Greenwood, Bowmaker - United States,
  Cello bowmaker. Expert rehairer.

     John McCloud - United States,

     John Terry - Italy,
  fine string instruments

     Johnson String Instrument - United States,
  Repairs, restoration, bow work, appraisals

     Joseph Conrad - United States,

     Kevin WIlliams - Australia,

     Leif Salve Håkedal - Norway,

     LEVAGGI & TARTARI - Italy,

     Linda West - United States,
  bow rehair work, cello repairs, sales and rentals

     Luis and Clark Carbon Fiber Cellos - United States,

     Luthi Violins - United States,

     Magnus Nedregard - Norway,


     Moroz Violins - United States,
  Maker of fine violins, violas and cellos

     Nicholas Frirsz - United States,

     Nicole Graswinckel & Alexander Caballero - Switzerland,

     OXFORD VIOLINS - United Kingdom,


     Peter Roze - United States,

     Peter Van Arsdale - United States,
  Maker and Restorer of Violins, Violas, Cellos

     Petko Petkov - Bulgaria,

     Potter's Violin Shop - United States,

     Rafael Carrabba - United States,

     Richard O. Le Page - Canada,
  Le Page Fine String Instruments

     ROGER HANSELL VIOLINS - United States,

     Samuel Casco - Sweden,
  Samuel Casco at Örebro Violinateljé

     Seman Violins - United States,

     Serge SIOUFI Archetier - Canada,
  Bow making and restorations: Modern and Baroque

     SRK - India,
  Ebony Accessories

     Stefano Renzi - Italy,
  Maker of fine violins, violas and cellos

     Sten Olsen - Olsen Violins - United States,

     Stensland&Girard - Canada,
  made in the Cremonese maner

     Stephanie Voss Violins - United States,
  Atlanta Cello Maker - Hear a Voss Cello online...

     Thomas Stöhr - Germany,
  Master Violin Maker focused on high quality cellos

     Thurmond Knight - United States,
  Maker of violins, violas and cellos

     Tim Jansma - United States,
  Violin world's best kept secret

     Viseltear & Young Violins - United States,

     Viseltear, Jason - United States,
  Maker in New York

     Vladimir Skubenko - Czech Republic,

     William Bartruff - United States,
  Violin, Viola & Cello Maker since 1972.

     Wolfgang Schnabl - Germany,

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Tim Janof, ICS Director
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