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Sat, March 28
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164 Instruments listed:
  This section of the ICS website is dedicated to building an online catalog of new and old instruments that are in existence today.
     - Stolen Instruments - Check what you are buying
  Stolen Instruments - register your loss, check what you are buying.
     1/2 Toussaud Lee
  Wonderful instrument for a serious, rapidly-advancing student.
     Alfred Stelzner
  Unique form. One of only two known surviving cellos from this innovative maker.
     Ann Larson
  Ann Larson bow.
     Antonio Ramirez
  Very excellent student instrument. I have played this cello for 8 years and need to sell as I am upgrading.
     Archelaschi Galileo
     Atelier Honoré Derazey
  Very attractive professional instrument hight level for concerts player
     August Pfab
  Recently acquired and not for sale: I´m far too happy I found it...!
     Beate Kienitz
  ausgewogen und differenzierungsfähig
     Benjamin Banks
  (the price is an appraisal, not for sale)
     BOBBI, Guiseppe Carlo
  Montagnana model. Quality workmanship throughout and attractive tiger maple - back, bouts and neck. Inlaid pegs. 4/4 but with 29" body. No cracks. Italian cello labelled and signed by Bobbi da Piacenza - Milan 1954
  My first owned cello! Not a soloist's instrument, but lovely and all mine.
     Caesar Magiali Monetensis Carviara ,?, 1953
  I suspect it is machine made
     Ch. Neveu Luthier
  French Cello labeled Ch.Neveu,Luthier,Paris Annee 1935
     Christian Pederson
  My life was changed when I bought this cello!
     Clifford Roberts
  label: No. 15 liutaio Clifford Roberts scuola Cremonese 1988
     Constantinus Celanius 1952
     David Shield
  Fine old cello, English label
     Didier Nicolas
  a violoncello...
     E. R. Pfretzschner
     E.R. Pfretzschner
  Decent student cello, I will not be keeping it very long.
     Eastman Strings
  I just got it at Hammond Ashley in Seattle, so I haven't played it a whole lot.
     Ed Campbell
  Great cello. Still use everyday and just recieved it back from Ed Campbell from check up to get some work done.
     Edmund Resch
     Emmanuel Fabrica-- Solo artist
  call me at (913) 515-8764 cell for photos/info..Michael
     Engelhardt Model 110
  Very good sounding
     Enrico Piretti
  Wonderful warm resonance, easy to play, a great pleasure to own
     Erich Heinrich Roth
  Has a rich powerful tone
     Erich Werner
  Great study cello, for sale
     Ernst Heinrich Von Roth
  German cello for advanced students.
     F Reiner
  Very nice modern Chinese cello, shop adjusted by William Harris Lee of Chicago.
     Factory Made
     Farotti Celeste
  Violoncello “Magrini”, 1903
     Fr. Herclik
  Fully labelled, possible factory made as the year is printed "191" and then the "29" is handwritten over the end.
     François Lejeune
  Vieux Parisien 1760 very special sound posible certificated
     Franz Nowy
  An agreeable instrument, easy to play
     Friederich Kreuzinger
     Gagliano, Gennaro
  Not for sale. Excellent condition. Gorgeous tone with a rich deep bass.
     Giovanni Grancino, after?
  Auctioned as "after Grancino probably Italian, 19th century" (Sotheby's, Item 135 November 14, 2000)
     Giuseppe Fiorini
  Bolognese maker born in Rome, later worked in Germany.
     Grubaugh & Seifert
  Beautiful cello. Outstanding craftsmanship and amazing tone.
  Resonating Sound, Beautiful tone and touch. Played and used by many world renowned cellists.
     Gunther Meinel
  A wonderful sounding German cello made in 1893 with a maker I can't find any info on. any help would be appreciated.
     gustav methfessel
     Guy Rabut
  Award winning cello by Guy Rabut for sale, made in NY 1986.
     hungarian piero andreoso 1967
  amazing sound and not expencive!!
     Jacob Horst
  Has Soloist Larsen A and D then Spircore tungsten G and C, its sides are very stripy
     Jaqout, Charles
  Not for sale. Nice and typical nasal French tone qualities
     Jay Haide
  Build by an american builder in China.
     Joachim Wunderlich
     Johannes Kohr
  Economy Student Cello by Kohr
     Josef Lavicka
     Josef Lazar
  new canvas padded case;call me at (913) 515-8764 cell for more info/photos
     Josef Leistentritt
  plays very easily, good attack
     Joseph Conrad
     Joseph Mayer and Son
     Jozef Vavra
     Karl Joseph Schneider
  (this instrument is not for sale). This a cello that I purchased for community orchestra & solo/chamber work. It isn't a real expensive instrument but has a wonderful sound & has developed into a great instrument for what I need it for.
     Kay Cello
     Kreisler from William Harris Lee
  Excellent craftsmanship with deep curved belly and back producing big full tones.
     Leon Bernardel
     Louis (Ludovicus) Guersan
  Restored by Russ Wagner, Chicago. Not for sale.
     Luca Primon
     magnus nedregard
     Marc Labert (mirecourt)
  Exelent cello whit beautiful and project sound.
     Mathias Klos from Balthasar Klos und Söhne
  German cello from 1910, which was my grandfather
     Mesut Gözalan
     Michael Goronok
  Bought in 2004 at the Goronok shop in Cleveland. Played for 2 years. Mint Condition.
     Micheal D. Goronok
     Mihaly Remenyi
  Perfect 1920th french study cello. It´s not for sale because I have it now for just 2 months and it´s really easy to play
     Nicolas Parola
  My wonderful cello purchased at a nice shop near me. Its an advancing instrument with a beautiful sound.
     Otto A. Glaesel
     Palatino Allegro
  Purchased from a pawn shop on sale, minor dings from use.
     Paolo Vettori
  warm sound, 1993 Florence
     Paul Schuback
  A Beautiful Cello Handmade by Paul Schuback FOR SALE!!!
     Pawlikowski Jan
  "woman" size, made by famous polish violin-maker (Pawlikowski) in Cracow in 1992 for first owner-professor from Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw.
  Manufacturer of & Specialized in Violin,Viola,Cello and Bass Fittings & Accessories
     Perry Daniels
  Gently antiqued modern instrument with warm, even tone.
     Peter Staszel
  This is a great sounding cello with a booming lower register and a bright higher register. Just don't find it's sound fitting to my type of taste anymore
  UK maker
     Private maker
  A terrific cello for outdoor & amplified gigs.
     R.M. Murrell
     Raymond Joseph Melanson
  A wonderful new cello with a big rich tone, very playable. Some antiquing by the maker.
     Robert Brode
  Booming bass resonance, large projection; fine student instrument or pro;
     Robert Schär
  Robert Schär, 1983
     Roma Cello
     Roman Teller
     Rudolf Doetsch
  A great cello for an advancing student. Big sound, easy to play, well played in across all ranges.
     Rumano Solano
  Unusually beautiful flamed maple, Hand Carved Boxwood Tailpiece and Pegs
     Salvidor de Durro, Imported by B&J, New York
  Although it does get played, it is not my primary or secondary instrument.
     Samual Kolstein
  Liandro DiVacenza Montagnana Cello
     Samuel Eastman
     Shop of Breton
  This is my cello that I play on full time.
     Stefano Renzi
  Visit my website see many musical instruments new and old
     Stensland, J.B.
  Cello for sale, great for advanced student or starting career.
  More info at:
  It's not a good cello but it has become better than I aspect.
     Suzuki Violin Co.
  a nice cello
  top is spruce with medium fine grain at joint, becoming wider at flanks; two piece back of maple with broad curls descending from left to right
     Testore Carlo Giuseppe
     Thomas Dodd
  Papers from Kenneth Warren
     Thomas Dodd 1791
     Timothy Batchelar
  lovely medium tone, slightly narrower than a standard full size ~
     Unknown Strad Copy
  Historic instrument which a rich, ironic, history. Recently restored by Scott Tribbey, Kalamazoo, MI.
  Commercial instrument from Marknuekirchen, Germany. Great for an advancing student.
     Venetian early 19th century
     Vienna String
     Wilhelm Klier Cello
   Wilhelm Klier Cello, #44232
     William Forster
     William Forster Jnr
     William Harris Lee Cello
  Great Cello for the price!!
     William Robinson
  Varnish appears to be dark brown laid over yellowish base, giving a rich golden brown color; back and ribs somewhat lighter; ribs are rippled to the touch
     William Ross
  This cello has been to many different halls and venues with me, and its tone/playability is outstanding for the price, easily giving a $10,000 or $15,000 a run for its money!
     William Townsend
  Inlaid like the Smithsonian Institutions' decorated Stradivari cello. A marvelous instrument with no wolf tones.
  A copy of the "Duport" Strad, made in 2005

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