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Sat, March 28
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Luthier name
Arturo Virgoletti

URL: http://www.arturovirgoletti.it
Email: info@arturovirgoletti.it
City: Canossa (RE) - Italy
Country: Italy
Repair Quality: Good
Craftmanship Quality: Good
Type of Instruments: Violins, cellos, etc.
Price Range: 5.000 - 20.000 Euro
Phone: +39522870150
Arturo Virgoletti - born on 26th December 1954 in Costa di Monchio, Canossa, Reggio Emilia, Italy - took up woodwork as a child working with his father, Olindo Virgoletti, a skilful carpenter and a lute-maker for pleasure who made about 30 instruments: guitars, violins, violas and a cello. After his father's teachings - when he was 24 - he met Master Ferdinando Garimberti, who used to spend his holidays in the neighbouring village of Villaberza, and he followed his precious advice and his encouragement to continue in this job. Afterwards, for nearly 10 years, he is an apprentice of Sesto Rocchi's - a lute-maker who works in S.Polo (R.E.); since 1993 he has been in contact with Francesco Bissolotti and his son Vincenzo for his work.

ICS Staff
Tim Janof, ICS Director
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