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Sat, March 28
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Instrument Maker
Robert Schär

Year: 1983
Nationality: Swiss
Instrument Size: 4/4
Instrument Color: Golden orange-brown
Instrument Condition: Excellent
Unique Identifying Marks: Label: Robert Schär, Basel, 1983 (handwritten #s)
Price: NFS
Historical: No
Contact Name: Wesley Neal Williams
Email: dravite@hotmail.com
City: Springdale
State: Arkansas
Country: United States
Status: Played
Robert Schär still builds instruments and provides other luthier services in Basel, Switzerland. He is on the Albo dei Liutai Diplomati of the Istituto Professionale Internazionale per l'Artigianato Liutario e del Legno 'A. Stradivari' - Cremona. (http://www.scuoladiliuteria.com/roll4281.html) He is mentioned as well on the following web page: http://homepage.sunrise.ch/mysunrise/lacappella/

ICS Staff
Tim Janof, ICS Director
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