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Sat, March 28
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Instrument Maker
Mathias Klos from Balthasar Klos und Söhne

Year: 1910
Nationality: German
Instrument Size: 4/4
Instrument Color: Dark brown
Instrument Condition: Have seen better days
Unique Identifying Marks: Large in the lower part of the case
Price: Unknown
Historical: No
Contact Name: Nicolaj Laugesen
Email: squatter@ice.is
City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Status: Played
Bought by a german jewish/gypsy family named Dietzmann in 1910. The family had a strong tradition to play cellos and almost everybody played cellos professionally. My great grandfather bought it from the Dietzmann's before the second world war.

ICS Staff
Tim Janof, ICS Director
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