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Sat, March 28
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Instrument Maker
Farotti Celeste

Year: 1903
Nationality: Italian
Instrument Size: Full Size
Instrument Color: Orange
Instrument Condition: Superior
Unique Identifying Marks: chip in the scroll, large scratch under tailpiece
Price: not for sale
Historical: No
Contact Name:
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Status: Played
MAKER: Celeste Farotti (1864 – 1928) is considered one of the best violin makers of the modern Milanese school. He was a reputed connoisseur of Italian violin making and a gifted copyist as well. More details on the life and work of Celeste Farotti can be found in Eric Blot’s reprint of the book "Celeste Farotti – Portrait of a man" by Giovanni Iviglia. DESCRIPTION: This beautiful cello is a well preserved and appealing example of his early period: the back made of two fine pieces of flamed maple wood, the balanced elegance of the model and the rich texture of the varnish are the best features of this fine cello. All the curves and proportions are in complete harmony, enhanced by a strikingly handsome scroll. Its voice is rich, sweet and powerful, ideal for a concert hall. The cello seems inspired by the makers of the Piedmont region such as Pressenda and Rocca with rather pronounced but rounded off borders that remind one vaguely of French work. HISTORY: The name of the cello "Magrini" derives from Professor Giuseppe Magrini that commissioned Farotti to build the instrument as can be seen in handwriting on the label by Farotti himself: “Per commissione del Prof. Giuseppe Magrini”. Giuseppe Magrini was principal cellist under Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini and taught cello at the Conservatorium of Milan. I enjoy immensely studying and playing this lovely instrument ! Additional images can be found within the "Graphics" section of this WEB site.

ICS Staff
Tim Janof, ICS Director
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