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Sat, March 28
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Instrument Maker
Grubaugh & Seifert

Year: 2004
Nationality: American (California)
Instrument Size: Full
Instrument Color: Burnt orange over golden ground
Instrument Condition: Perfect
Unique Identifying Marks: Detailed antiquing
Price: 52K (NOT FOR SALE)
Historical: No
Contact Name: Dr. Richard Thomas
Email: rthomas@presby.edu
City: Clinton
State: South Carolina
Country: United States
Status: Played
Guadagnini model. Back two pieces of maple. Top two pieces of spruce--medium-wide grain. Grubaugh and Seifert have received five Gold Medals and four Silver Medals as well as a score of other awards and prizes for the tone and workmanship of their instruments.

ICS Staff
Tim Janof, ICS Director
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