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Updated June 9, 2000

ICS Director: John Michel
Chief Editor: Carrie Rehkopf
Featured Artist Editor: Tim Janof
Email List and Directory Maintainer: Robert Whipple
Webmaster: Michael Pimomo
Music Librarian: Sarah Dorsey
Music Festival Watch: Roberta Rominger
Tutti Celli Proof-Reader: Peter Miller
Graphic Designers: Mark Tanner
Programmer and Technical Assistant: David Black
Instrument and Luthier Consultant: Keith R. Bilyeu
Assistant Editor: Tracie Price

Feel free to contact these "I.C.S. Hosts" about particular cello issues:

Rajan Krishnaswami teaches at the University of Washington, and plays in the Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra. He is on leave from the Northwest Chamber orchestra. He is a wonderful teacher and artist and was recently named vice-president of the Seattle Violoncello Society.

Paul Critser, Cellist, Pittsburgh Ballet & Opera Orchestra
Editor: Internet Cello Society, Professional Performers
Director: Eastern Pittsburgh Youth Orchestra

Daniel Pezzotti, Jazz and Concert Artist-- (Send email to
or visit Daniel Pezzotti's Homepage

Alan Black, Principal cellist of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra

Owen Carman,(interest in grants, job market and fine instrument queries),
cello professor at Michigan State and director of Meadowmount School

Robert Jesselson, (former American String Teachers Association cello column editor)
cello professor at U. of South Carolina and director of USC String Project

Dr. Bret Smith, Cello Teacher
Lecturer in music education/strings at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Scott Kaufman,Young Cellist
Scott is a Student at Carnegie Mellon Studying Music and Psychology.

Tim Janof, Technique Tips, acquainted with many world-famous cellists,
author of numerous music articles (and an electrical engineer)


ICS Fundraisers

We seek individuals who can contribute to future fundraising efforts. The I.C.S. is an independent program of the non-profit organization Icicle Creek Music Center, and an educational outreach program of Central Washington University. Donations are tax-deductible.

ICS Reporters/Writers/Reviewers

The I.C.S. needs more members writing about what is happening in their particular area of activity or interest--documenting concerts, masterclasses, new publications, new music and events. All members and readers are welcome to email us their articles, poems, etc. We would especially enjoy "hearing" from International members.


Cello Chat -- Paul Tseng
Cellists By Night -- Dorie Straus
College Cellists -- Laura Wichers
Instruments and Equipment -- Todd French
Young Cellists -- Corinna Connor
Professionals -- Tim Janof

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