Cassadó's widow, Chieko Hara, left all of his papers to the Museum of Educational Heritage at Tamagawa University in Tokyo when she died. The museum's director, Dr. Takahiro Yamaguchi, was kind enough to provide me catalog of this collection, but it is not available to the public at this time. The list reveals the enormous breadth of Cassadó's compositional output, and gives a clear representation of his remarkable versatility. Many of the transcriptions listed have never been performed by anyone except Cassadó, and very few of them have been published. Dr. Yamaguchi has informed me that the University intends to publish many of his previously unknown works, and doing so will provide wonderful new repertoire for cellists, as well as make more people aware of Cassadó's considerable abilities as a composer and arranger.

For more information about this list, please feel free to write to me at Also, please refer to Chapter 2 for a discussion of some of his many works.

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