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Thu, September 24
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Here we present some Internet Cello Society correspondance about Cello care, Equipment and the 'ins and outs' of cello playing.

Guide to cello care.

    Andrew Whettam's guide to cello care.

Equipment Tips..

    Cleaning Bow Hair
    Endpin Holders
    Bow Rehair Frequency
    Replacing Strings
    String Types
    Wolf Tones
    Buying a Cello
    Trying a Cello

The ins and outs of cello playing..

    Weight Lifting, Martial Arts, and the Cello
    Putting Tape On Your Fingerboard
    Playing In the Tenor Clef
    Another Dvorak Concerto?
    A Good Bow
    How to Meet Other Musicians
    Power At the Bow's Tip
    Tips About Standard Repertoire
    Buying A Cello
    Tension in the Right Arm
    A Multitude of Tips from Iseuat Chuat's Master Class
    Why Play Scales and Etudes?
    How Often to Change Strings
    How To Sit
    The Bridge and the Sound Post
    Amateur Chamber Music Players
    Overcoming Stage Fright
    Practicing Octaves
    Which Strings?
    Playing Octaves
    Keep Practice Interesting
    Your Favorite Cellists
    A Painful Left Hand
    More About Bowing
    Don't Play with Pain!
    How to Create Vibrato
    Cello Chair and Stage Fright
    Too Old to Play the Cello?
    Need A Seat Cushion?
    Electrifying Your Cello
    Cello Technique Made Simple
    Cello Rosin, Bowmaker's Advice
    Cello Strings vs. Bridge Height
    Cleaning/Polishing A Bow
    Playing With Right Hand Pain
    Recording the String Quartet
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Physical Movement While Performing
    The Danger of Pain
    Cello Electrification
    Becoming a Professional Soloist
    "That Room at the Top," Starker
    Learning Cello as an Adult
    Right Shoulder Pain
    More About Stage Fright
    Wolf Tones
    Drugs to Calm Nerves
    Flying Staccato
    Channelling Power
    Shostakovich Trio Harmonics
    More on Vibrato
    Flat or Curved Fingers?
    Square Left Hand?
    Walking/Grouping Fingers
    Circular Elbow Motions
    Intonation Help
    Intonation in Chamber Groups
    Bent Endpin
    Should we memorize?
    What's after 1st Position
    Teaching Bach
    Teaching Spicatto
    Popper High School Wrong Notes
    Holding the Bow
    Stock Concerto
    Korngold Concerto
    Playing Louder/Bigger

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