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The Cello Tip ManHere we present some Internet Cello Society correspondance about the ins and outs of cello playing, with advice from Tim Janof, an experienced cellist. Just click on the topic that interests you!

For more tips on Cello Equipment, click here: Equipment Tips.

If you are a student, new to the cello, you will also profit from reading Andrew Whettam's guide to cello care.

8 pointed starWeight Lifting, Martial Arts, and the Cello

8 pointed starPutting Tape On Your Fingerboard

8 pointed starPlaying In the Tenor Clef

8 pointed starAnother Dvorak Concerto?

8 pointed starA Good Bow

8 pointed starHow to Meet Other Musicians

8 pointed starPower At the Bow's Tip

8 pointed starTips About Standard Repertoire

8 pointed starBuying A Cello

8 pointed starTension in the Right Arm

8 pointed starA Multitude of Tips from
Iseuat Chuat's Master Class

8 pointed starWhy Play Scales and Etudes?

8 pointed starHow Often to Change Strings

8 pointed starHow To Sit

8 pointed starThe Bridge and the Sound Post

8 pointed starAmateur Chamber Music Players

8 pointed starOvercoming Stage Fright

8 pointed starPracticing Octaves

8 pointed starPlaying Fast

8 pointed starWhich Strings?

8 pointed starVibrato

8 pointed starPlaying Octaves

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