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pinned noteRick Sowash posted this note on December 7, 1996:

Memo to:  Cellists

        Once again I'm pondering that age-old question:  When you cast your bread

upon the waters, does anything come back besides soggy bread?

        Continuing my on-going, life-long experiment to see how many friends

composers can make by offering their scores, at no profit, to anybody who wants

them, I'm hereby offering to send you the full score and parts for various newly

available works.

        I've notated the scores on computer, using Finale -- they're entirely

professional-looking and in a loose-leaf format, with page-turns worked out,


The scores are:

1)  "Spring Fever Suite" for two cellos.  I wrote this piece a few years ago for

Terry King who made a beautiful recording of it wi

th Charles Wendt, for eventual

release on CD, though it has not been issued yet.  

The piece is in six movements, as follows:

I.  Presto - in D major

II.  Lento, rubato - in g minor

III.  Andante - in Bb major

IV. - Allegro - in d minor

V. - Adagio - in G major

VI.  Moderato-Allegro - in C major

        The character of the piece is bright, optimistic, even a little humorous

sometimes, but it's still a serious piece.  The fourth movement is based on the

melodic fragment that accompanies the words "buy me some peanuts and

crackerjack" in the old song "Take Me Out the Ball Game" and there is another

fragment of that song in the piece as well, at the end, "... for it's one, two,

three strikes you're out" ....  There's also a quotation from the Hallelujah

Chorus in the first movement.  These are not pie-in-your-face quotations, a` la

Charles Ives (whom I admire, don't get me wrong

).  They go by so fast that most

listeners probably wouldn't even catch them.

        If you're interested in this piece, I can send it to you with an invoice

for to cover photocopying and postage costs ... photocopying will be $3.52.

2)  Harvest Hymn and Harvest Dance:  Homage to Willa Cather for cello and piano.

Two movements, slow then fast, connected by a cello cadenza.  Written in a very

Copland-Thomson-Barber-esque "American" style.   Photocopying:  $1.54.

3)  Suite in six mov'ts. for Bb clarinet and cello called "Born of the Same Wild

Mother" (referring to Mother Earth -- not some tattoo'd Hell's Angel's Mama).

Photocopying:  $2.09.

4)  My new Quintet for A Clarinet and strings in d minor in four mov'ts was

premiered last June in Paris.  Photcopying the full score and parts will come

to:  $13.97.

5)  Daweswood Suite for Bb Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Pia

no ...

        This work was composed while I was an artist-in-residence at the

beautiful Dawes Arboretum near Newark, Ohio.  Each movement reflects upon a

stage in the growth of plants.  The opening movement, "The Bud," is hopeful and

perky, forward-looking, perpetually unfolding into larger versions of itself.

The second movement, "The Blossom," is languid and chastely sensuous (if that's

possible).  The last movement, "The Berry," is spicy and pungent, suggesting

native Americans and all the uses they made of berries.  There is a hymn-like

tune in this movement as well, a gesture of thanksgiving.   Photocopying: $8.58

        There is a splendid CD recording of this work also available.  Gasparo

Records GSCD-285 "Chamber Music with Clarinet by Rick Sowash" played by The

Mirecourt Trio and Craig Olzenak, clarinetist.  In addition to the "Daweswood

Suite" the CD also includes "Anecdotes and Re


ions" (also scored for

clarinet, violin, cello and piano) and "Street Suite" (duo for violin and

clarinet).  At record stores, this CD sells for $14.99.  But for you?  Such a

deal!  You can get the CD from me for the low, low price of $10.

        I'll also make bold to mention that I have a very fine one-movement

string quartet, called Fantasia on "Shenandoah," 14 minutes long, loosely based

on the Beethoven Op. 59 #1, first mov't, though also on "Shenandoah" if you can

picture that.. ... it is only available, however, in the form of photocopies of

my handwritten originals.  They are quite readable, but not as good-lookin' as

Finale notation, of course.  The piece has been recorded on a CD called "Music

for the Appalachian Trail."  It's 14.99 in stores, $10 from me.  

        And I've got four piano trios, though these also are available only in

handwritten ms

.  They have been beautifully recorded by the Mirecourt Trio and

that CD is available in stores for $14.99 as "Rick Sowash:  The Four Piano

Trios," or you can get it from me for $10. 

        I've got a lot of other pieces that include cello, and if you want to

know more about those pieces, and about me and my work you can get all sorts of

information by viewing my web site at:  


        Six of my compositions can be downloaded for free from my web site, if

you have Finale.

        Please pass the word about all this to your cellist friends.  

        If you want any of the above-described scores and/or CDs, please e-mail

me a note telling me which items you want and stating your physical address.  I

will then mail your order to you, and enclose an invoice for the photocopying

and postage. 

Rick Sowash 

Cincinnati, OH 

ph. (513)542-4314

e-mail:  73563.3161@compuserve.com

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