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Mon, March 30
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Looking After Your ‘Cello
A Student's Guide to Cello Care
Contributed byAndrew Whettam

Unpacking & Packing Your ‘Cello From A Soft Case

·Alwaystake the bow out of the case first

·Alwaysput the bow in the case last

Storing Your ‘Cello

·Put the spike in when you have finished playing

·Leave the ‘cello on its side in the corner of a room for short periods only

·pack it away in its case for anything over a few minutes

·Keep your ‘cello away from heat (radiators, gas or electric fires etc.)

·Keep your ‘cello out of the cold

·Never leave your ‘cello in a hot or cold car for a long period of time (eg. overnight)

Cleaning Your ‘Cello

·Do not use polish or detergents

·Simply wipe with a duster

Looking After Your Bow

·Do not over-tighten the hair

·Do not touch the hair

·Remember to resin the bow before you start to play

·Do slacken off the hair when you have finished playing

Accidents Or Breakages

·DO NOT attempt DIY repairs, no matter how simple or how skilled the repairer

·Please take the instrument to your teacher for inspection

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