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Mon, April 6
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How Old is Too Old?

Dear Tim,

Just wanted to find out whether you feel it makes sense for a person to take up the cello at age 36. Until what age do cellists generally keep playing?


Charles Muller
Long Island, NY


Pablo Casals performed well into his 90's. Rostropovich is in his late 60's or early 70's and he's still concertizing. Janos Starker is around 70 and his technique seems as clean as ever. And the list goes on and on. So 36 is quite young.

You should read the book, "Never Too Late," by John Holt, who began the cello at 40 and got to be quite good. I think it's a little more difficult when you are older since you (we) have to contend with our own egos and "wisdom," which tends to cloud the learning process. But if you are patient, you can do it!

Tim Janof

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