Celloman - "Aquador"

Celloman Aquador Cover "Aquador" is Celloman's first album, and may be characterized as a studio-constructed weaving together of electric cello, acoustic cello, vocal sounds, great percussion work, and other instruments. The mood is "New Age" Middle Eastern, or even "Indian," with a bit of reggae thrown in for good measure. The sound is easy to listen to, and meditative. It reminds me quite a lot of the old Ravi Shankar sitar music that became popular after the Beatles visited India.

Ivan HusseyCelloman is Ivan Hussey, classically trained but widely experienced in the pop music scene. At the age of 17, Ivan joined the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra: appearing on two albums, touring Japan, Jamaica and Europe as well as playing on numerous recordings with other artists including the classic first Soul II Soul album.

In 1993, Ivan joined the Duran Duran band for an eight month World tour, followed in 1994 by a tour with Gabrielle.

Shortly after, he left London for Tel Aviv and spent two years working as a cellist and absorbing the music of the Middle East.

Back in London, Ivan joined the Smoke City band and spent much of 1997 touring Europe, alongside regular recording sessions, that have seen him in demand till today.

Live work with the Lighthouse Family followed and most recently Work with Sonique, Da Lata and, Shaun Escoffrey. The Celloman website is located at http://www.celloman.co.uk/. Celloman "Aquador" may be purchased from HMV, Virgin Megastore & MVC. You may email Ivan Hussey at: spimusic@btinternet.com.

I have enjoyed listenting to this album, and I'm glad to add it to my collection. If you are interested in electric cello, or the Middle Eastern sound, you will like this cd!

Reviewed by "drcello," December 4, 2001

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