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Updated on November 3, 2000

Pietarinkatu 14 A 4 / 00140 Helsinki, Finland

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I am Roi Ruottinen 28-years old cellist from Finland. I was born on May 31, 1971, and started studying cello at the age of four at Vantaa Music Institute. Here is my brief resume:


SOLOCELLO: Bach 6 suites, Britten suites, Crumb solosonate, Hindemith solosonate, Ligeti solosonate, Rautawaara solosonate, solopieces by Xenakis, Penderecki, Lutoslawski, Saariaho, Lindberg, K��ri� etc.

SONATAS: Bach gambasonatas, Beethoven sonatas and variations, sonatas by Brahms, Boccherini, Vivaldi, Locatelli, Valentini, Haydn, Chopin, Debussy, Dohnanyi, Franck, Mendellsohn, Janacek A Tale, Grieg, Strauss, Rachmaninov, Prokofjev, Shostakovits, Shnittke, 2&3 pieces by A.Webern, pieces from Hakola, Lindberg, Kaipainen, Heininen, Wenn�koski etc.

CONCERTOS: C.P.E Bach concertos, Beethoven Triple, Brahms Double, Boccherini B-flat, Bloch Schelomo, Breval, Couperin, Dvorak, Elgar, Haydn C and D, H�ndel g-minor, Jolivet, Kabalewski, Lutoslawski, Prokofjev Sinfonia Concertante, Schumann a-minor, Shostakovits 1&2, Tchaikovski Rokokoo-variations, Strauss Don Quixote, Ligeti, Penderecki etc.

CAPRICES: Piatti, Paganini

VIRTUOSOPIECES: Chopin Polonaise Brillante, Schubert the Bee, Tchaikovski Pezzo Capriccioso, Popper Elfentanz, Hungarian Rhapsody etc., Davidoff At the Fountain, Paganini Sch�n Rosmarie, Moses Fantasia etc.


1980-1990 Helsinki Conservatory

1990-1994 Sibelius-Academy (Diploma 1994 excellent points 24/25)

1995-1996 The Royal Danish Conservatory

2000- Post-graduate studies in DOCMUS Sibelius Academy

TEACHERS: professor Martti Rousi, professor Torleif Thed�en

MASTERCLASSES: Aldo Parisot, Janos Starker, David Geringas, Frans Helmersson, Arto Noras, Siegfried Palm, lesson with Heinrich Schiff

AWARDS: Best cellist in the Bryan International String Competition North Carolina USA1992, 1993 Pro Musica, 1993 Finalist in The Oulu duo-competition, 1994 shared 1st prize in the Turku National Cello Competition, 1996 winner of the competition to play Beethoven's Triple concerto in Copenhagen Tivoli, Denmark, 1999 Debutant of the Year 2000 by Finnish Solistical Society

PERFORMANCES: as a soloist with the most of the Finnish orchestras ( Helsinki Filharmony, City orchestras Oulu, Turku, Vantaa, Pietarsaari, Kotka etc.) recitals in Kitakyushu International festival 1991, Japan, Stars of the 21st Century festival in St. Petersburg, Russia1992, Paris new conservatory 1992, recitals in Scandinavian festival in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain 1993, Korsholm festival 1994, Turku music festival 1994, 1994 Vienna ,Austria, 1996 performances in Denmark Aalborg, Odense Krzystof Penderecki festival, Copenhagen Tivoli, 1998 Tour with YS- Symphony Orchestra in Amsterdam Netherlands Beurs van Berlage, Enschede Amphi-Theatre, Bielefeld St. Maria Church Germany, 1998 soloist with Orquesta Sinfonica de Colombia in Bogot�,Colombia

New piece from composer Uljas Pulkkis for cello and orchestra, upcoming recording 2001 or 2002.

MUSICA NOVA (prize of the Finnish Solistical Society) etc.

INSTRUMENT: Nicolas Francoise Vuillaume, Brussels 1858

On June 13, 1999 I won the Uussoitto contemporary music competition in Riihimaki, Finland. First prize was 20,000 Finnish marks.

HOBBIES: tennis, reading, mountainbiking, surrealist art...

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