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Hola! I'm a 15 yr. old cellist currently residing in Ridgefield, Connecticut, after moving here from Houston, Texas a little less than a year ago.

I have played the cello for about 4 years. This year I am in Ridgefield High School's orchestra, and the Norwalk Youth Symphony.

Special thanks to all of the teachers and conductors who have worked with me: Mrs. Kate Fulton Matthews, Mrs. Cathy Fishburn, Mr. Lawrence Wheeler, Mrs. Terri Matchett, Mrs. Lois Errante, and Mr. Eckart Preu.

Besides playing the cello, I am an avid soccer player and love to swim. I love classical music, (no composer in particular), anything by John Williams (Star Wars!...), oldies, and most current popular music. My favorite book series is the Anne of Green Gables collection, fav color is purple, and fav T.V. show is the Wonder Years.


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Rachel Robinson.


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