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D. Joshua Roman

Hello! I am thirteen years old, in the ninth grade(I'm a homeschooler), and have been playing the 'cello since I was three.

When I started out, I studied with Lacy McLarry in Oklahoma City. But in 1996 I moved to Mississippi, so now I take lessons from Peter Spurbeck at the University of Memphis. I am also in the Memphis Youth Symphony.

My favorite 'cellists are Yo-Yo Ma, Janos Starker and Pablo Casals. My favorite composer is J.S. Bach, although my favorite song is Dvorak's concerto for cello and orchestra. My favorite web page is the Internet Cello Society page.

I also enjoy playing soccer, and going to Boy Scouts, where I am Life rank and Chaplain's Aid. I have two brothers and one sister, which makes for six in the house.(not including pets.) My Dad also plays cello, but everybody else plays the violin. I got a new 'cello, made by Mr. Staszel, in the workshop of William Harris Lee. It sounds great!


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