WELCOME to the Internet Cello Society!

(Brahms Double cadenza)

The Internet Cello Society (ICS) is an international, cyber communityof cellists
dedicated to the sharing of the knowledge and joy of cello playing with
enthusiasts from around the world. The membership's active participation
is what makes the ICS a meaningful music resource. Please get involved
with online discussions and send information about your corner of the
musical world! We are currently over 2100 members strong andmany
different countries
around the world!

'TUTTI CELLI' is the Internet Cello Society's bi-monthly
newsletter and serves several purposes: 1.) to make announcements of what
is new at the ICS World Wide Web site, within the Internet music world, and
throughout the real music world. 2.) to feature a distinguished cellist,
an ICS member, and interesting articles. 3.) and to highlight activities
of ICS Forum and other services.

The WEBSITE of the Internet Cello Society is atwww.cello.org
The WWW allows for the quick transfer of information in the form of text,
graphics, movies, and sounds to anywhere in the world. If you have direct
Internet access, all you need is a World Wide Web browser like Netscape,
Mosaic, or the text only Lynx application (Netscape is highly
recommended!). After opening your browser application, simply open the URL
address of the Internet Cello Society WWW site above.

ICS ONLINE SERVICES include the following:
*A Cello Introduction, an interactive multimedia presentation
*'Tutti Celli', an online version and back issue archive
*ICS Moderated Forum
*Library archive of cello society newsletters, articles, etc.
*Membership directory
*ICS Bulletin Board Service
*Links to other Internet music resources

ICS CELLOCHAT bulletin board is available for anyone to post a
message. ICS Forum Hosts have been asked to check the board often and
answer any questions that you may have. In the co-operative spirit of the
Internet community, ICS members are encouraged to offer answers as well as
pose questions on the board.

ICS MEMBERSHIP affords benefits as wellas responsibility. As a
virtual community of cellists, ICS relies on its membership to write
articles, volunteer time, share expertise, and submit archive materials.
The ICS is soliciting its members to write about their relationship to the
cello and/or special moments in their playing careers. These
autobiographical essays would be featured in the Member Spotlight columnof
TUTTI CELLI. If you have any documents that you would like to share, send
them directly to director@cello.org or on disk via snail mail. For a truly
global perspective of the music world, the Internet Cello Society needs the
active cooperation and contribution of each of its members.

Members are requested to fill out the online registration form to
be added to the ICS online membership directory. The Netscape browser is
recommended for form submission. As more ICS members voluntarily register
in our online directory, members can search for other cellists by name,
address, schools attended, teachers, city, country and other criteria.
Check out this incredible database of cellistsfrom around the world.

The ICS Staff are cellists from differentmusical backgrounds volunteering their time to help fellow cello enthusiastslike yourself. Please familiarize yourself with their responsibilities andavoid abusing their services.

For a complete list of other Internet resources please refer to theThe Cellist Gateway tothe Net is a complete list of other Internet resources providedby the Internet Cello Society website.

If you have any questions or comments, I would encourage you to contact theICS staff or you can email me atdirector@cello.org. I hope that you enjoyyour visit!

John Michel

Direct correspondence to the appropriate ICS Staff
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Director: John Michel
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