One of ICS's Cellists-By-Night, David Baxter writes about his adventures:

Dear John,

You are the first "old acquantance" to find me online. I've sent a message signing me up for the Internet Cello Society.

I don't play very much any more, but it would be nice to be able to find some more old friends.

Here's a summary of what I've been doing recently:

***A brief summary of the last 10-or-so years in the life of David "Gallivanting Reporter" Baxter, editor-in-chief-elect of the Prolog-Hardcopy***

1984, June: Bids a not-so-fond farewell to Clay High School after completing the eleventh grade. (editor's note--Baxter failed to graduate from the first four schools he attended, due to wanderlust and bad timing). After spending a month on the free-agent market, is picked up by the Interlochen Arts Academy to play for the cello section and math team.

1985, June: Returns to get drivers license and give triumphant hometown recital at First Christian Church. Receives permanent police record and nickname "Leadfoot" driving back to Interlochen in '71 Oldsmobile that wasn't built to toodle along at 65 mph anyway. Achieves fame, but not fortune, playing cello in the World Youth Symphony Orchestra and the part of Samuel in "Pirates of Penzance."

1985, August: Enters Indiana University School of Music. Studies under Fritz "Don't spell it with two As" Magg, of Vienna, and gives annual recitals. Abandons potential mathematics career as "uninspiring" after failing to be challenged by courses in calculus and linear algebra. To this day cannot remember why linear algebra is called "linear." Acquires taste for opera playing in the pit at IU performances. Begins study of Korean language with Pong-Ja "I wonder if that's how she spells it" Paek.

1988, March: Having received cash scholarship from wealthy Korean doctor residing in Indianapolis, embarks on seminal visit to Republic of "Hermit Kingdom" Korea. Plays gigs with Korean Symphony Orchestra and quartets with the Australian ambassador, accidentally winds up in procession with students chanting "Yankee, go home!" and finds out that tear gas doesn't just make you cry. Also learns to eat spinach and kimchi and achieves functional fluency in Korean language.

1989, December: Graduates IU with honors, abandons cello and returns to South "Land where the sun rises only slightly after Japan" Korea to teach English and make some real money. Ends up going back to school at Seoul National "heavily subsidized but still under-equipped" University to study Korean language and linguistics, but simultaneously acquires more fame and some fortune helping Korean "South of the river" kids read about Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast and taking second prize in foreigners' song contest on New Year's Day, 1991.

1992, September: Marries Hyunju "Globetrotter" Yu and takes entire immediate family on honeymoon to visit "Tomb city" Kyeongju and Mt. "Almost there" Seorak. Bonnie "Roving Reporter" Baxter learns how to read hangeul and ask for water. Baxter's parents, Dr. David "D.O., not M.D." Baxter and Pat "Harrer, Baxter, Bell" Frazier, show distinct styles tossing chestnuts and dates into bride's lap.

1993, June: Leaves wife to return to U.S. Buys black "F stock" t-bird from Dr. David "Arrest-me red" Baxter and joins solo racing circuit. Enters University of Illinois linguistics program, and is rejoined by Hyunju "New last name, but only in English" Baxter in October.

1995, January: Is elected editor-in-chief of Prolog-Hardcopy by unanimous 3-0 vote, and balances Prolog editorial duties with copy-editing at the Daily Illini, taking courses, teaching Beginning Korean, and studying for the doctoral qualifying exams.


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